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Photos: Celebrity Weddings 2015 "it Was Wonderful!" Chung, 32, Told Us Weekly.

Jamie Chung is over the moon about her new Mrs. Status. The Once Upon a Time actress gushed about her wedding to Bryan Greenberg on Tuesday, Nov. 10, while attending the Save Our Shelter BUY ONE GIVE ONE Movement in Beverly Hills. PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings 2015 “It was wonderful!” Chung, 32, told Us Weekly. “Now we just have FOMO because it is done, all the attention is off of us. It was so much fun planning it and everyone says it goes by so quickly, which it absolutely does, and we got the best advice from all of our married friends. Like, ‘Just enjoy it because it goes by so quick.’ And that’s just what we did!” Us confirmed last month that the couple got married in a Halloween ceremony at El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, Calif. On Thursday, Greenberg, 37, also opened up about their nuptials before performing at L.A.’s Graffiti Cafe for a Cafe Bustelo Pop-Up Cafe Experience event. “It was one of the best days of my life for sure!” he told Us. “I am the luckiest guy in the world!” PHOTOS: A-list honeymoon destinations As previously reported, the One Tree Hill alum and Chung began dating in the spring of 2012. On Tuesday, Chung told Us that they already have babies on the brain. “We are in absolutely no rush, but absolutely [we want kids],” she said. “He’s going to be a great dad!” PHOTOS: How star couples first met For now, though, the lovebirds are fine just taking care of their adorable pup named Ewok. “You learn a lot about your companion and your partner that way,” Chung explained. “[Bryan’s] great with Ewok. I think we both love him more than we love each other!”

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Robert Carroll Serves As A Co-executive Producer.

From disproportionate body parts to birth defects to major life accidents, the doctors will weigh the possible risks and benefits and invite patients to Los Angeles to embark on the ultimate cosmetic transformation. “We are excited to build on the mega- success of the ‘Botched’ franchise with ‘Botched By Nature,'” said Jeff Olde, EVP, Programming and Development, E! “Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif will continue to inspire viewers as they transform the lives of patients who are brave enough to share their stories.” Season Two Sunday Premieres of “Botched” delivered 1.6M Total Viewers and nearly 1M P18-49 (931K) ranking as one of Sunday’s top 5 destinations in Primetime among young women 18-34. “Botched By Nature” is an Evolution Media production, with Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Alex Baskin, Matt Westmore, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif serving as Executive Producers. Robert Carroll serves as a Co-Executive Producer. About E! Entertainment E! is the only global, multiplatform brand for all things pop culture. The network is currently available to 98 million cable and satellite subscribers in the U.S. Eonline delivers breaking entertainment news and in-depth coverage on television, movies, music, celebrities, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. One of the fastest-growing, most influential digital properties, Eonline is a leader in online video and mobile and a leading entertainment brand across social. E!

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We Are Currently In A Time When Venture Firms Are Competing Fiercely For Attractive Companies, And One Of The Ways They Are Competing Is Through The Speed Of Their Decision-making.

There will be a lot of great times, alongside many challenges. When facing those challenges, one’s partner matters a lot. In the same way that an individual wants to get to know their prospective spouse very intimately before tying the marriage knot, a founder and an investor should get to know each other very well before agreeing to tie the Series A or B knot. That is very hard to do in one meeting, or even a couple short encounters. When I was co-founder and CEO of Edify, I did not enjoy raising money at any point Series A, B or C. The fund-raising process was stressful and emotional, and no matter what anyone said, every rejection felt personal. Like any other founder, I wanted to get through the fund-raising process as fast as I could and get back to running my business. I was tempted to take the first acceptable term sheet that came my way and be done with it. Inside one of the fastest growing private companies Fortunately, I had mentors who advised me early on to take the time to get to know my investors, especially the ones joining the board. As an investor at Norwest Venture Partners, I have tried to take a similar approach getting to know the founders/CEOs in depth before an investment which has yielded benefits, because I have ended up on boards for long periods. There were many, many important decisions at those companies over the years, and some of them were pretty tough. Every time, it really helped me as a board member to have a strong relationship with the CEO. We are currently in a time when venture firms are competing fiercely for attractive companies, and one of the ways they are competing is through the speed of their decision-making. The speed of venture decision-making will not slow down as long as this investment cycle remains heated. An entrepreneur who is fortunate enough to be the recipient of quick term sheets from aggressive venture firms does not have to get overwhelmed by the flattery and attention and therefore rush to a decision s/he can actually stop and take a breath. Even when the venture firms are pressuring for a “yes” as quickly as they fired off their term sheets, the entrepreneur can throttle the process a little and make sure that he or she takes the time to get to know the potential partners by spending more time with them, posing penetrating interview questions, white-boarding potential strategic decisions, asking how to solve current problems, and talking to other portfolio company CEOs.

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<p>weddings People Love Weddings Especially Indian People, And Indian Weddings.

Weddings People love weddings especially Indian people, and Indian weddings. Simran’s family travels to India for the ongoing festivities leading up to her nuptials, including an engagement ceremony, elaborate clothing and jewelry, and of course, plenty of music and dance. Europe Here’s an important and perhaps surprising fact about Bollywood movies: They love Europe. Since DDLJ, the transformative Euro-trip has become something of a trope in Indian cinema, but it is largely credit to this film. Raj and Simran fall in love among the Swiss Alps and on international trains; most importantly, they bond over being outsiders and a common cultural history that most around them do not share. Family values Raj and Simran are both extremely close to their parents. Even though Raj is depicted as more Westernized, he and his “Pops” (Anupam Kher) are as much friends as they are father and son. Simran feels comfortable enough to confide with her mother (Farida Jalal), but in a patriarchal household, her mother can be little more than a support system. She gives Simran a powerful speech about the duties of Indian women a speech which is still heartbreaking and true for many women around the world. Simran’s father (Amrish Puri) is the de facto villain of the film, an authority figure with traditional values who hesitates to even let his daughter go to Europe so you can imagine how he’d react to her ditching her own wedding to marry another man. It’s respect for family that pushes Raj and Simran to hide their love and win the elders’ blessing instead of just running away together. Every time Raj win’s someone’s approval whether it’s Simran’s mother, sister, or any random relative present (and there are plenty), each successful interaction feels like a small but palpable victory for the young couple’s love. Archetypes This one is surprising, and might not bode well for a film produced today; but the story of the mischievous playboy who suddenly mends his ways for a simple (if sometimes uptight) woman out of love has proven itself repeatedly throughout film history. Sure, at the end of the day, it’s Raj who does the heavy lifting like sneaking off to India and cleverly charming and manipulating Simran’s entire extended family…but he’d probably still be drunk in his swimming pool if she hadn’t given him a reason to clean up his act in the first place.

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"as People Are More And More Spread Out, Weddings Are Being Leaned On To Be A Family Reunion As Well," Keene Said.

With their last names, they decided to embrace the Burger King jokes.Tasos Katopodis | Getty Images Millennials may be waiting longer to get married but some are spending more than ever on their weddings. Some figures put the average wedding cost as high as $25,000 the cost of a nice car or the down payment on a house. To discuss the trends in wedding budgets, MPR News’ Kerri Miller was joined by Jennae Saltzman, the owner of Blush & Whim , a Twin Cities wedding planning firm, and Meg Keene, the editor-in-chief for A Practical Wedding . In her experience, Keene says the average wedding today probably costs closer to $10,000 or $15,000, once you factor out the high-rollers dropping $250,000 or more on their special day. One of the things Keene sees that drives up the wedding cost? The baby boomer mom. While some millennials come in looking for a thrifty event, there are “baby boomer moms not wanting to go along with this smaller wedding plan,” Keene said. Saltzman, on the other hand, has seen the opposite. “A lot of our mothers of the brides are coming in and can’t believe the price ticket, because when they got married, they did it in church with cake and punch in the basement. They can’t imagine the prices now,” Saltzman said. What does Saltzman think is driving up the costs? Social media. Namely, Pinterest. A woman browses PinterestKaren Bleier | AFP/Getty Images 2012 “Everything is so saturated with celebrity weddings the most expensive weddings in the world,” Saltzman said. “When couples are looking online for their dream wedding, they’re not looking at average weddings, they’re looking at extravagant events.” Keene calls this “expectation inflation.” The expectations of a wedding have jumped from a simple reception to full sit-down meals. Decades ago, “only the truly wealthy had sit-down meals for weddings because it costs a ton of money.” With family and friends living farther away than ever, meals have become a necessity. “As people are more and more spread out, weddings are being leaned on to be a family reunion as well,” Keene said. “As people fly in from all over the country, it’s harder to tell them, ‘Well, I got you some punch and cake.’ You have to feed these people.” For all the worrying about costs and budgets, Keene said it’s important to remember how the wedding will feel not look. “As my husband pointed out to me a week before our wedding, ‘pretty’ is not an emotion.” The outdoor wedding of McKenzie Westmore and Patrick Tatopoulos featured elaborate table arrangements at a winery in Malibu, Calif.Frazer Harrison | Getty Images Listeners called in with their wedding stories about how they did or did not keep costs low. Laurel spent $25,000 last year, which was a combination of parents’ contributions and the couple saving. Who pays for the wedding, Keene and Saltzman agreed, is directly tied to how expensive it is. As millennials marry later in life, they may be more financially stable and can contribute to the cost they’re also more likely to be economical when they’re footing the bill themselves. One caller related how her guest list ballooned when the parents insisted they add their friends and acquaintances to the list. The parents were paying for it, so they got their way, and the attendance and costs almost doubled. Some callers did share tips for keeping costs low: Consignment store wedding dresses, handmade decorations and favors, all-inclusive venues or event a potluck reception where guests brought food instead of gifts.

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Our New Offerings Position Destination Weddings Travel Group To Be The One-stop-shop For Brides And Grooms Seeking Just That.

Partnering exclusively with Lomas Travel (in Mexico), Olympus Tours (in the Dominican Republic), and AMStar (in Jamaica), the new alliance allows couples to conveniently pre-book excursions for their entire party through DestinationWeddings.com, saving valuable time and money in the process. Excursions help create a memorable wedding experience that extends beyond the ceremony and reception, shares Richard Calvert, President and CEO of Destination Weddings Travel Group. By partnering with three leading operatives, we can offer something for every personality, from horseback riding on Jamaicas pristine beaches or snorkeling on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, to visiting an underwater museum in Cancun. The possibilities are nearly endless. The excursion offering will enable full-service booking capabilities through DestinationWeddings.com and can be easily accessible by guests and couples through their personal wedding website. Its been our experience that the sake of ease in which to coordinate activities is a top priority for our customers, says Calvert. These partnerships ensure that couples and guests alike can arrive knowing that the details are already handled, and they have amazing activities to look forward to during their time here. Always striving to elevate its services while meeting the needs of the contemporary couple, Destination Weddings Travel Group is also introducing the Crowdfun(d) capability, which allows brides and grooms to establish a destination registry that is also conveniently integrated into their full-service, personal wedding websites. Additionally, every time a couple collects $500 in gifts and contributions from loved ones, Destination Weddings Travel group will award them $50 as an added bonus towards their overall fund. Our hope is that the addition of excursions, payments and the registry in one place will contribute to the overall convenience and savings experienced by our customers, explains Calvert. The modern destination couple seeks personalized service and the promise of an unforgettable celebration, continues Calvert. Our new offerings position Destination Weddings Travel Group to be the one-stop-shop for brides and grooms seeking just that. As always, we look forward to raising the bar when it comes to exceeding the expectations of todays destination wedding couple. About Celebration Travel Group Celebration Travel Group represents a number of award-winning tourism brands, including Destination Weddings Travel Group, with the common goal of creating destination celebrations worldwide. From dream weddings and romantic honeymoons to memorable anniversaries, luxury escapes and all-inclusive vacations, we pair the value of exclusive offers and savings with the convenience of complimentary expert planning services. Destination Weddings Travel Group recently published Get Married Away, which highlights the latest in destination wedding planning tips and news along with real wedding features, and Voyage, which offers planning inspiration, guidance and recent weddings for the LGBT community and will publish later this week.

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Gregg Deguire / Wireimage And They Rocked Some ~too Hot To Handle~ Shades.

Ron Galella / WireImage The Sixth Sense debuted about two months prior to this event, while one of Emilys earliest film roles in the movie Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winters End would premiere later that month. Christopher Walken was her co-star. In 2001, the Osment siblings attended the New York premiere of A.I. Artificial Intelligence , which starred Haley Joel. Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images This Spielberg-directed film went on to gross over $78 million in the U.S. alone, and over $235 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo . In the summer of 2002, the Osments celebrated the premiere of Emilys movie Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams . Gregg DeGuire / WireImage And they rocked some ~too hot to handle~ shades. Four years later, they hung out at the Monster House Los Angeles premiere after party and looked extremely adorable. Alexandra Wyman / WireImage Emilys hit Disney show Hannah Montana debuted this year, a few months before the Monster House premiere. In 2008, the famous Osments appeared at the after party for the opening of American Buffalo on Broadway. Haley Joel starred in the David Mamet play. Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic While Emily was still performing on Hannah Montana, Haley Joel was continuing his college education at NYU, in addition to doing the play. Fast-forward to 2015, and here we are. The Osment siblings attended the 101st Annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner. Kris Connor / FilmMagic

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